The Whole of the U.K. and Ireland is in for a Treat on Date still to be Agreed (rescheduled due to covid-19) - The Ultimate Business will be presented Online for the first time ever for those that are interested

Here's the link to your Ultimate Business - Join the group and RSVP to the event

Unfortunately to date there has not been sufficient take up on the MeetUp Event.
Maybe its Covid - but since its online - thats no excuse!
So if you are wanting to learn more about The Ultimate Business, its now in your hands!
Register with the Meetup App to verify your interest and or whilst you are at it
Register with me at
Click here as long as you are currently living in United Kingdom or Ireland only please. We will get to other countries, as soon as we have a critical mass in the current countries. So tell your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours etc.


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