Make an Extra £50 to £500 each week from productively spending between 10 to 15 hours each week around what you already do.

I am sure you maybe thinking that how on earth can this be true?

Isn't this one of those get rich quick scams?

Well the only way you will find out is by finding out more.

Notice we don't suggest you can join and then do nothing to make money though!

You will need to productively spend between 10 to 15 hours each week around what you do.

By productive we mean actually generating real product orders to real customers and actually satisfying real product orders for retail profit between 25% and 35% of the retail value.

If you are put off by Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing then please don't waste our and your time.

We are only interested in helping people that are actually prepared to work harder on themselves than they have ever worked on anything before.

So we are dealing with real products, consumable products going to real customers, and helping others to copy what we do.

Perseverance and persistence are key.

More important than any of this is that you have a Big Reason Why.

Without that you just will not have the right level of commitment and dedication and attitude required.

To get rid of time wasters, yes there will be a small start up investment required, but probably less than £100 to start up, and if you’re working the business effectively you should be in profit by the end of week 1 or 2 unless you quit after day 1 or week 1 or 2.....

If you are not prepared for that, then don't go any further with this and stay as you are.

Please be aware that at the moment, we are focussing on UK and Ireland only, so if you live outside of these countries, either relocate, or wait until we get to you, as this business will go global, but only when the time is right. If you really don't want to relocate, maybe you have friends or relatives in UK and or Ireland, so by introducing them to our opportunity, you would be doing them a massive favour.

We are just looking for people like ourself, and better but primarily you have to be actually actively looking for an opportunity to change your life and circumstances for the better. In other words this is not just a paid by the hour job - it is much better than that - you can determine your hourly rate through the results you generate (with our help of course).

If you just want to get started straight away - click here to join vivaMK - the latest Brand New MLM Opportunity - with a previous history of Success (please note there is a £15 start up registration fee to get rid of timewasters that really do not wish to build a home based business, but they also throw in 100 free catalogues to get you started making money fast! That’s what I call value for money since as well as that, you get as much of my time to coach support and mentor you to success, since I have a vested interest in your success.)

Hot News from January 2020 - there are now two brand new extra options with the vivaMK Opportunity, a £25 executive starter kit with 200 catalogues for a faster income growth opportunity and now even a £5 online only kit without catalogues. However please bear in mind that you will need to qualify to join with the online only kit as only highly experienced digital media people, and those with evidence of success with their online capabilities, will be considered for this option.

Whilst you are at it - why not combine the fantastic vivaMK product range with the oriflame products.

Please use this link to join my Oriflame opportunity.

note there is a £39 start up registration fee to get rid of timewasters that really do not wish to build a home based business, but for that £39 you even get £30 worth of product samples and all the help and support you need)

Alternatively to talk through your options, give me Steve a Call outside working hours only though on 07429 21 21 40

Or if you prefer simply Register your interest and I will contact you within 48 hours of your request.

If you would like to learn a bit more about what we have on offer, please watch this video!


  1. And for a limited time there’s a special offer on the 100 catalogue starter kit but be quick it could be going back up to £15 any day. There’s even a free online only option which actually will be disappearing shortly, but be aware to join as an online only startup you will need to be significantly prepared to ‘SELL YOURSELF’ on how good you already are as an Internet Marketer with hard cold evidence of success however you wish to present that. It’s definitely NOT the soft option so we never pretend it is!


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