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How will AI impact on your Job?

Here's an article from the Telegraph Looks like there is already an impact on the number of Jobs being advertised Now you can either simply keep your head in the sand and assume it will all just go away, or you can start today and look into an opportunity whose time has come. Let us help you get into business working for yourself from home. Now the beauty of our opportunity is you can work it around what you currently do, as you are the Boss. The danger of this to the wrong person is they do nothing, or not enough, or simply do not realise that there is some work to be done on themselves, i.e. personal development Lets see if we can help you, and if you are indeed someone that we can work with. First step is check out more posts in this Blog  Turn Spare Time Into Spare Cash Then check out more info on our main website  Register for a consultation after reading through the info please - No Timewasters! There is even a YouTube Channel to get the full story including actual algorithms

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