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The Whole of the U.K. and Ireland is in for a Treat on Date still to be Agreed (rescheduled due to covid-19) - The Ultimate Business will be presented Online for the first time ever for those that are interested

For those that are just a bit curious of how to Turn Spare Time Into Spare Cash, and why it is still a Revolution whose time has come!

The Story of the Eagle is amazing and we all should be able to relate to this need to change in order to Develop ourselves and to Survive or Thrive

When you get knocked down, just get back up again - like this! Tyson Fury 12 months ago - WOW - then 12 months later different story!

As a service for all my fellow network marketers out there. You did the right thing - now please Subscribe

Keep It Short and Simple - KISS principle

Is it 5 O'clock Yet? vs Its 5 o’clock somewhere mentality!

For those that either have already been involved in MLM before or anyone that has read my blog posts / watched the videos - here’s my joining links.

How your business can grow - it's just like this snowflake!

If you understand the principle of a self fulfilling prophecy - you will love our opportunity!

You need to have the mindset of persisting until.... We are all creatures of habit, you just need to get your own good habits first! But are you strong enough?

There's a lot of things that hold us back in life. The biggest thing is ourself. Personal Development is the key to Success in Life!

The Law of Large Numbers is a guarantee to make money, the Casino's live by it. So can you!

You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great - Les Brown - BRILLIANT

Credit Cards should be Renamed DEBT Cards

If you feel that your current job and income is secure with nothing to worry about - be aware it is always easy to take things for granted. You may be one of the lucky ones.

We 'R EzeGet, but this is not Eze Money as some people want!

I didn’t think I would have to spend money to make money?

Not everyone will make the cut. We don’t want or need just anyone!

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Quitters never win and Winners never quit!

Do people really buy from us over Christmas New Year? What did they buy? When did they buy?

So how frequently do people spend on average and whats an average spend say for top customers?

If you think about it we are actually in the business of education!

So if anyone wonders about consistency of results when working this business Part Time / Spare Time?

What kind of products are our Customers buying today?

Most people think they need a Job! But in reality all they actually need is an income!

Happy New Year To All High Achievers Looking for a Golden Opportunity!

Were you born between 1946 and 1964? If so maybe you have the kind of people and leadership skills we need, and maybe we could help you to build or extend your residual or passive income?

Are you happy with your 45 year Plan, that they sold you on when you left school?