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Good phrase to live by - Do as much as you can, whilst you can, as quickly as you can..... so that when you can’t - you won’t have to! Speed of action important as no one knows how long they have got.

The alternative to working for yourself is just like Dolly Parton says in 9 to 5 - spot on Dolly!

Don’t you wish you were taught how to think like an Entrepreneur early on? But just because you maybe weren’t then, what’s stopping you now?

Protecting the Finances for a traditional business - a theoretical case study - without names to protect the guilty.

1.6 million extra looking for work could be 3.2 million shortly!

Is it 5 O'clock Yet? vs Its 5 o’clock somewhere mentality!

How your business can grow - it's just like this snowflake!

Britain’s Covid Jobs Crisis is here - maybe we can help ?

It's not rocket science, it's just a simple proven formula that works if you work it!

125,000 retail jobs gone due to COVID....

The Next Millionaires - it could be you !

Cash Flow is indeed King!

If you are still on the fence maybe it’s now time to jump in!

Let’s be realistic and not kid ourselves here