Protecting the Finances for a traditional business - a theoretical case study - without names to protect the guilty.

When getting rid of people to save costs

Count the pennies........ at all cost 

Promise a sum of money net of tax for the victim to accept.

Then pay the sum promised minus £1000.

Hope the victim will simply be grateful for the sum minus £1000 and just go away.

If the victim starts to question the reasoning behind the gap of £1000, then and only then, actually review the source of the calculations that determined that figure, and regardless of the victims protestations, repeat that that’s all they’re  getting regardless of the entitled quoted figure. Effectively they were already paid some of that In the previous month where they were notified of potential redundancy and accepted voluntary, even though that money was actually furlough money from the government.....

Finally after several iterations, actually recalculate the figure, maybe even after realising a fundamental error occurred, actually make it look like you are effectively giving more than original, more than promised, more than required, but working backwards from the net figure, ensure that there is still a gap in your favour of say £200 to £300, then offer the victim an extra £700 say, which the victim is bound to accept graciously as that’s almost £1000 right?

Then protect that gap at all costs, even ensuring that a £90 piece of equipment is recovered from the victim, which then increases the gap, and you have succeeded.

In fact the costs of all the toing and froing has in reality been a much bigger opportunity cost than the £300 to £400 gained, since that time could have been invested in actually growing the business, rather than screwing the pennies from people that served you well for around 2 years.

And this little blog article may actually end up costing much much more in the long run.


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