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Good phrase to live by - Do as much as you can, whilst you can, as quickly as you can..... so that when you can’t - you won’t have to! Speed of action important as no one knows how long they have got.

Protecting the Finances for a traditional business - a theoretical case study - without names to protect the guilty.

If you are still on the fence maybe it’s now time to jump in!

If anyone is still wondering what kinds of products our regular customers buy week in week out, month in month out, here's a snapshot of just one weeks orders in July 2020

If you understand the principle of a self fulfilling prophecy - you will love our opportunity!

Do people really buy from us over Christmas New Year? What did they buy? When did they buy?

So how frequently do people spend on average and whats an average spend say for top customers?

So if anyone wonders about consistency of results when working this business Part Time / Spare Time?

What kind of products are our Customers buying today?

It’s not rocket science, it’s a simple formula.

Inspiration or Desperation which is best?

You do have to set targets and track your progress regularly!