Cash Flow is indeed King!

I remember years ago the importance of keeping tight control of Cash Flow, when a small company I worked for simply ran out of Cash,  when they maybe miscalculated the strength of their future order book in relation to their current expenditure.

They were on a massive growth phase that meant they needed to invest early taking on risks that under normal circumstances would be perfectly acceptable and would be easily underwritten, however they were involved in government related systems and so they were effectively affected by the day to day politics.

This meant they could not forecast how their market would change.

The beauty of what we have, means that we can much more easily control our cash flow through our own activity, and through helping and coaching others, through the formulas that simply work.

Just some samples of how we improve our own cash flow every day.

Products that people love to buy and that people enjoy the convenience of having them delivered to their door for free or  for a few extra pounds when bought online.

Some are products that they didn’t know that they needed, ideas for gifts at this time of year.

Products that don’t need any form of hard sell or persuasion, just impulse buy products like those you see at the checkouts.

We are literally looking for thousands of new distributors across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

But we aren’t just looking for pure retailers, we need team builders, business builders and even network coaches.

Not everyone will make the cut though.

This is not for lazy people, that think they can join and do very little expecting the earth. We have had some of them for sure, they don’t stick around for long! We don’t need that kind of person!

You will need to be highly disciplined and highly motivated to make this work. You will need a big reason why to get yourself through the personal development that you will need to push and drive yourself through.

You will need to work harder on yourself for yourself than you have ever worked on anything or for anyone before.

You will be the Boss, your own Boss, but can you handle that?

You will have all the support and coaching and mentoring you ever need, but you will have to plug yourself into it, there’s no persuasion or cajoling or hand holding. Although the first few weeks we will show you how to make it work, but you will have to work it.

Your results will tell the whole story.

No or little results will simply mean no or little activity.

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