Do you have a passion for retail?

Have you just lost your job maybe working for Wilko's or anywhere?

So although 51 stores have been rescued by B & M, what about all the others plus head office, web staff etc????

There's a lot of redundancy going on, I know from personal experience - not quite got to double figures but not far off on this.

Don't get me wrong, it can be quite lucrative if you time it right so don't dismiss any opportunity to cash in there.

But make sure you have your lifeboat ( backup opportunity) all ready and packed before it's needed.

Have you always wanted your own shop so that you can sell products to customers?

Have you just not had the capital to get started in a traditional retail business?

Have you been wary of starting up considering the risks  of a traditional retail business, where you need premises, staff, stock and all the necessary equipment which does not come free?

Have you thought about our opportunity to get into building your own home based retail business with our help and support for free?

There's no stock to buy up front.

Unbelievable as it may seem it's actually a genuine opportunity for the normal everyday person with a hunger for success. And if you're up for it, once you have cracked the retailing you could even find, help and support others that qualify for your time.


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