It's not rocket science, it's just a simple proven formula that works if you work it!

If you, yes you - want to be one of the top 5% at age 65

Things may have to change! 

You may have to forego or sacrifice things though that today take up some of your spare time. 

But I always hear how people get bored over the weekends and think the answer is just get so drunk that they forget about their boredom! 

Now that may just be something they say to boast about how powerful their drinking habits are. 

But it may actually reflect that they are actually dissatisfied with how things are in their personal life. 

It’s about a bit of sacrifice or pain now for pleasure later but for me that’s much better than pleasure now for worry or even desperation later. 

The sacrifice or pain now though doesn’t have to be excessive and you can break it down into simple short daily disciplines or habits that just become part of what you do, so eventually they are just automatic like driving. 

It will take 21 days of repeating and practising the habits before they do get into your subconscious though so persevere with it. 

Sorry but the opportunity only exists for United Kingdom and Ireland at the moment!

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