Britain’s Covid Jobs Crisis is here - maybe we can help ?

They predict by Christmas 2 million Britons will have lost their job due to Covid.

Watch the Channel 4 Program Dispatches at 8pm Monday 2nd November

I am now one of these Casualties, but I won’t be signing on, I will switch focus towards my own home based business, that works both around a full time job on a spare time part time basis, but more importantly at times like this it can become a full time job to replace a full time wage and more.

Just one extract from this article - maybe explains the importance of what we are doing here....

The warning comes as the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, joined the debate, calling for a programme to encourage full employment that he described as “a matter of conscience”. He said: “It is a fundamental matter of respect and love for our neighbour that in our nation the economy is meant, among other things, to serve the cause of fulfilling work for all.”

So anyone that is skeptical or cynical or has a negative attitude to our opportunity maybe needs to reassess things urgently as time waits for no one!

If you want to learn more about our opportunity that can literally help thousands of people that are interested in building themselves a home based business please visit our web site and register for more info.


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