Let’s be realistic and not kid ourselves here

Maybe cutting edge stuff coming so strap on your seat belts, get a grip of that front rail and get those knuckles white!

You are building a business without any capital investment without any risk 

There has to be a catch right 

Everyone is looking for the catch

As soon as they find out that the only catch is


the lazy ones drop out

Some drop out just on the thought of maybe there’s work to do 

Some drop out thinking I thought it was too good to be true 

I am actually going to have to do stuff here

I am actually going to have to talk to people here

I am actually going to get outside my comfort zone here

I quit

If you’re still here.......

There’s a nominal capital investment of either £5, £25 or £45, (for the best kit) and you even get a 14 day money back guarantee.

This is not one of those ridiculous online / inbox offers that promises an all singing, all dancing, automated residual income generator, that takes more effort than they actually promised.

This is an opportunity to build a business for yourself. Think of that - BUILD A BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF - working from home.
To build your business will require you to be consistent and persistent.

This does not have significant up front investment, but it does need drip feed investment.

Biggest thing it needs is 


if you don’t do enough quickly enough you won’t get enough to keep the business growing 

You have to reinvest your retail profits back into the business to make sure you don’t starve the business of the fuel —- catalogues 

You can spend the volume bonuses but you have to get to them first

You have to persist with this at the rate of 200 twice a week or as close as possibly to that week in week out for at least 6 or 7 months

Ok if 200 twice a week too tough

Reduce to what you can manage EACH and EVERY week

50 whenever you feel like it or 5 or 10 on a lovely day walking the dog 


it’s the each and every week that’s key as that’s the habit you need to install

Once you have cracked your first customer base after 6 months you know what you need to do to double it triple it etc

And more importantly you know how to coach someone else how to do just that.

Well done - in fact that was pretty painless right ?

Compare that to the alternatives which no doubt there will be many.....

How about having a great idea then pouring money into it, your heart and soul and then coming up with some fancy marketing forecast, then coming up with an investment plan cash flow employee costs etc and then going cap in hand to get a startup loan... 
then tie yourself into an agreement for years just to break even paying yourself minimum wage to keep the business afloat whilst working all the hours that god sends handling all the legislation on employees etc not to mention leases taxes etc

Or maybe you’re one of these that think a proper franchise that has a start up cost into the £1000’s is much better as they seem to have a great front end training program that’s guaranteed to give you everything you need 
and just automatically creates you the customer base without any real effort as they will tell you it’s all been proven and show you the evidence of real people Running their franchise. Well guess what no doubt some of you that decided this path rather than our methodology may be getting a bit disenfranchised right now after realising that yes there’s hard work and commitment and SWEAT equity to build here AS WELL as tying yourself into massive loan repayments to repay the significant start up that you were told would easily be repayable from the profits (once you have your customer base) maybe that was in really small print or in the terms and conditions that you signed regardless as it looked so attractive and “PROFESSIONAL” at the outset !!

How about working for 45 years - you know that one 1% Chance of being wealthy at 65

Now come and talk to me Steve Giergiel +44(0)7429 21 21 40 (UK and Ireland only) but only after you have read more at our web site click here and of course registered for a Followup appointment/ interview / grilling :)

 not really but it’s just the first filter in the process of getting to the 5 key people that are strong enough to build this thing and actually get to that financial freedom thing.


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