If anyone is still wondering what kinds of products our regular customers buy week in week out, month in month out, here's a snapshot of just one weeks orders in July 2020

Quite a few are multiple quantities as more than one customer ordered some of the same items.

Business works - its some people that don't - unfortunately for them!

We are always looking for people that just want to build a business around everyday essential items that just sell themselves and cover every person in the house, every room in the house, even things for the garden and the car.

Its just stuff!

Click here for more info (then click the Click for Info button) on how the business opportunity works!

Big tip go for the biggest possible kit that has the most catalogues, whether you are just doing online or catalogues also!

Steve Giergiel - Network Coach

Thanks for reading down to here!


  1. coming soon a list of our current top selling products, since we started and maybe the top sellers this month! email steve@ezeget.com to make an urgent appointment and register at https://www.ezeget.com today for more info. United Kingdom and Ireland only please.


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