Inspiration or Desperation which is best?

Which is best when building yourself a Network Marketing Business ?

You can either work from Inspiration or Desperation, but clearly there is a danger if you just keep on procrastinating, thinking you will be able to get started when you are desperate for extra cash. 

You may not have allowed enough time to get the business moving well enough, so putting yourself under too much pressure and setting unrealistic targets, which just aren’t achievable in the timescales you are confined to.

Much better to start straight away building before you get to Desperation and grow your skills within a more reasonable achievable timescale.

We always recommend building it around something else so that your bills are completely or at least mostly covered and you have some resources to start up your own business.

Every business requires investment so if you aren’t prepared to invest even £15 or £54 then don’t even look at starting your own business.

The beauty of a network marketing business is the majority of the investment is what we call sweat equity so no need to risk your house or anything like that which a traditional business would require.

Committing the time is also key so if you are just going to procrastinate all the time maybe you should not look at building a business and stick with your job, or change jobs and or work your way up the career ladder etc 


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