What's so clever about Network Marketing - our way!

What I think that's clever about it is

You don't need any Qualifications to get started, and there's no major Interview / Selection process, no need to craft a CV, no need to spend hours days weeks trawling the job ads, going through rejections, going through probation periods etc ( although I would always recommend you do carry on job seeking in the early days of building this, as you do not want too much pressure on yourselves, so build it around something else best)

You can start up straight away but yes there's a minimum token investment (less than £100) to start up these days. However, if you consider what you get for the token investment, and then compare that to what you would have to invest if you were starting up a traditional business, this is a no brainer for the right person. Just think about the actual costs that would be associated with building a brand, even sourcing products, determining the right price to charge. Compare that to the real costs of sourcing and acquiring and storing products. How about designing and producing a web site and all the costs associated with that. How about costs of employing people, with network marketing you aren't employing anyone except yourself

You do not need to come up with an amazing Business plan in order to entice a bank to lend you Thousands of pounds and start off with a massive debt to repay, even before you open up your doors 

You can get yourself into Business without all the other trappings that a traditional Business would impose on you such as set opening hours, employing staff etc along with all the major overheads that would need to be covered from any profits before paying yourself

 You don't have to hold stocks You don't have to work out what to Sell

 You don't have to work out what to charge

 Customers think they choose a Distributor - But it's us that choose them In fact we can even exclude those that don't spend enough or buy at the right frequency (after we give them the 7 tries of course over 7 periods of persistent and consistent effort)

 You work with whoever you want to - not whoever you're stuck with

Anyone can succeed - if they put in the same effort and time!

 One of the cleverest bits about our opportunity is that it allows anyone to join regardless of qualifications or experience or skills but it is basically self regulating in filtering out the Time wasters, I'm a gonna', any excuse people and people that think they can join and con loads of people into joining and getting them to work for them.

If anything when someone joins your team, if anything you work for and with them!

Very quickly people will realise that in life you don't get something for nothing and only those with the right attitude and work ethic actually get off the starting blocks and by sticking at this and failing your way to success whilst developing yourself to be the best you can be is the only way to succeed. 

It can take some people longer than others due to previous baggage that needs tidying up and disposing of but equally it can take others a lot shorter than others who maybe have already picked up the necessary work ethic and self development whilst in the rat race......


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