You can just bury your head in the sand if you want to!

But this will not help you solve your financial problems. Much better to face up to the fact that maybe the money runs out before the end of the month. Yes there will be lots of amazing credit transfer balance offers that may help you simply push the problem into the long grass but eventually there will become a point where the amount you are paying in interest will mean that as soon as the paycheque comes in it’s spent!

Also be careful about having all your eggs in one basket without a reliable backup plan that works and has the potential to cover your bills and more in the event of something unexpected happening. Came in this morning to learn of yet another casualty that lost his job out of the blue. This guy was doing the best that he could, but clearly was not meeting the expectations of his employer, so without any warning he was sent packing. Now that’s just one of 4 other similar examples of how unreliable the traditional job world can be. It’s always worth working on a backup plan and ultimately an escape plan whilst you are still gainfully employed, using some of the spare time that you have in order to build yourself a home based business that in the early days serves as a top up to your normal income, and once you have built it to a sufficient level, maybe twice what you get from your day job, you will then have choices. You can carry on with your day job and with the top up giving you three times your day job, or you can safely and securely dump the rat race and you will still be earning twice what you get from your day job and have an excellent foundation to grow even further, without limits. By building a residual or passive income that grows exponentially it makes for financial freedom, and you are not paid by the hour but by what you are truly worth, again no limits. 

Much better to face up to the fact that your budget needs addressing that is if you have a budget.

If you want some help to stop you having to bury your head in the sand, call or text me Steve with 

Help me sort my budget please And or help me build a back up plan that could turn into an escape plan when the timing is right. 

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