I didn’t think I would have to spend money to make money?

Anyone that is balking at the thought of having to invest £15, £25, even £39 as a startup investment or joining fee, maybe needs to consider this....

When you invest in a business opportunity whether it’s £15 or even £150,000 it is not like buying a pair of trainers or even an Aston Martin!

The money for the startup is an investment, an entry fee if you like that opens up the opportunity for you to build and develop yourself, whilst building a business that can grow as long as you work it properly.

By the way if you are genuinely short of the start up investment, I have at least one way to get you a £10 Cashback as long as you contact me as soon as possible.

The other thing to consider is even when you apply for any traditional job, normally there’s expenses required just to get to the interview and back, so if you aren’t prepared to spend money to get a job, then you can’t get to the interview! Some employers used to refund you the travel expenses but I haven’t had any offers of that in the last few interviews I have been to!

Connect with me either by phone on 0771 901 6746 out of working hours only please, or email me at steve@ezeget.com, or if you prefer send me a friend request to my Facebook profile at https://www.facebook.com/steve.giergiel

If you are not frightened of a bit of work (if you can call this work!), and genuinely interested in developing yourself to be the best that you can  be, maybe we can help you to get what you want, and are prepared to work for, without limit!


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