If you feel that your current job and income is secure with nothing to worry about - be aware it is always easy to take things for granted. You may be one of the lucky ones.

However I was building my career in the Engineering Industry for about 15 years, when times clearly became hard and the company needed to shed jobs.

I had been working my way up the organisation, having been taken on as a graduate trainee after they sponsored me through university to do a Mechanical Engineering Degree specialising in Production Management.

I had even spent over 2 years in Zimbabwe as part of my career progression.

On return I was instrumental in inventing, creating, developing, testing, documenting an innovative way to help customers select gearboxes through some software that I proposed was given away as a marketing tool, they decided that it had run its course, and they didn't consider it as a core of their business and an expense they could do away with.

Earlier I had even developed a revolutionary capacity planning tool which enabled them to be able to plan their resource and skill requirements based on their order book, which meant that they were better able to determine their future skills and machinery requirements in order to ensure that they met their delivery promises.

All that counted for nothing though, and I was simply given a nice redundancy package and some assistance in preparing for applying for jobs etc.

As it turned out for me, the skills I had developed in software meant that I was able to relatively quickly move formally across into the software development industry, and then I spent another 15 years climbing the ranks within the software industry. I even decided to gain a formal Microsoft accreditation as Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, which meant I had to spend evenings and weekends working through several online courses and cramming for the exams and as it turns out passed every exam first time. To be fair, the company did allow me time in the first year during my working week (1 day or so), and they were even good enough to pay for all the printed materials and the online tutoring throughout, so I cannot really complain, however after year one they said if I wanted to complete the accreditation, they could no longer afford to lose my 1 day a week productive time, and the only thing would be either abandon the accreditation, or use my own time to do that. Which is what I did!

However, very soon (probably 6 months or so) after gaining my accreditation, times were hard again but this time related to the dot con era soon after the millenium bug thing, and I was let go again albeit once more with a nice redundancy package.

This time though it was not as easy to find an equivalent position, as I was competing with kids as old as my son, and the companies that accepted me for interview clearly decided that they could save themselves £10,000 a year, by taking on wet behind the ear graduates and train them up instead of taking me on.

This meant I was on the dole for 10 months, during which time I was exposed to the Network Marketing opportunity that this blog is all about, and my world changed forever!

Now I am looking for other like minded individuals (UK and Ireland only at the moment), that maybe have a dream, but don't have the resources to start up a traditional business.

If that's you, contact me Steve on 0771 901 6746 today!

What we have here I consider to be the simplest, purest, fairest form of business out there, and it's just unfortunate that all the negativity that surrounds Network Marketing simply deprives MILLIONS of people from even venturing, even exploring, even dipping their toes in.

If someone gave you a money back guarantee to really try out this opportunity, would that make a difference?

Guess what, unbelievably there's even one of those!

However to be honest if you join purely to get your money back and do nothing to really test this thing, just save your and my time and dont even test it out!

99% need not apply (used to be 97% 😀), but I am getting even more picky as to who I spend my time with these days).


  1. if you are currently on furlough be aware that the clock is ticking.... can you just keep waiting and hoping ?


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