If you understand the principle of a self fulfilling prophecy - you will love our opportunity!

Just imagine if you were looking for a regular order value from your customers of say £3 average every 4 weeks.

Lets say the first time round a new area, you post 400 catalogues a week, on average we would expect around £400 of orders in a brand new area.

Remember though this £1 per posted catalogue ratio is an average value, that normally occurs after looking back over 6 months of activity at the rate of 400 per week, so in the first few weeks you may get less than the £1 ratio, but  as you persist you should find that it will creep up and overtake the £1 average figure.

Now the second time round an area (which should be in a cycle of either every 3 or 4 weeks going back to the same house), you will have eliminated (removed from your list) some people that either didn't respect your catalogue, or requested no more catalogues, but we would then recommend maintain the 200 catalogues out twice a week by testing more fresh houses, rather than reducing the houses you visit.

You should find after the 3rd or 4th time round an area you should be getting close to the £3 average with some customers spending say £10 on average and some of your top customers spending say £50, maybe £60 and more on average. Where a lot of people go wrong at this stage is they stop visiting houses that haven't yet bought at this 3rd or 4th visit stage, we would suggest to continue giving these people an extra 3 or 4 tries, maybe unless they clearly are persistently not even looking at the catalogues.

If you persist with the mindset of tracking your average ratios until your self fulfilling prophecy is achieved at the £3 ratio per catalogue, and combine this with the £1000 total orders per 4 weeks target, you will succeed, and indeed the only way you will fail is if you stop!

Therefore we would suggest that you do persist with this until you achieve your retailing goal whatever that is.

You may decide to reduce the £1000 target every 4 weeks to maybe £500 if you are finding it particularly challenging within the time that you have available around what you do, and that is perfectly acceptable.

What you will find is as the great Jim Rohn says in the video below is once a ratio starts it ends to continue

And another excellent training and inspiration from the late great Jim Rohn is something taken straight out of the Bible related to our industry, the law of sowing and reaping as below


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