The Law of Large Numbers is a guarantee to make money, the Casino's live by it. So can you!

Even though you dont know precisely what will happen, the law of probabilities means you can have a good idea of what is most likely to happen, based on the ratio of what has happened in the past.

With the right data, the likelihood of future events can be calculated - modern probability theory!

Think of how nature works, you cannot make a perfect forecast but you can make a reasonable prediction based on statistics of LARGE Numbers.

Think how many sperms go towards making a human being is it just 1 or 2 or 50 even? It’s actually 1 in 400 million!!!

Note it only relates to LARGE Numbers!

A lot of people forget that small detail when setting out in our business!

We say 200 twice a week for 6 months, is what we call sufficient large numbers, whereby anyone doing that amount of activity, will build a customer base that will generate around £1000 of retail orders every 4 weeks! 200 twice a week fits around a full time job its just 10 to 15 hours a week but it has to be every week to get the numbers required!

Some people get tired after putting out 50 catalogues once, whenever they feel like it, then wonder why they cant get to a regular reliable customer base!!!!

The LARGE number is NOT 50 catalogues whenever you feel like it!!!!!!

Its 200 twice a week (every week) for 6 months! When you crunch the numbers thats

200 times 2 times 26 = 10,400

Ok if 200 twice a week is too much - do half i.e put 100 twice a week (every week) for 6 months

100 times 2 times 6 = 5,200

Guess what size customer base you will end up with after 6 months, if you do half the recommended amount of work?

This is NOT rocket science

Yes you got it, its £500 of retail orders every 4 weeks.

for example 50 whenever you feel like it over a 6 month period could  be

50 times 1 times 1 = 50


50 times 1 times 2 = 100


so if you pro rata that £1000 by 50/10400 you will end up with £0.48 customer base every 4 weeks!!!

or even

if you pro rata that £1000 by 100/10400 you will end up with £0.96 customer base every 4 weeks!!!

In other words its not Large numbers anymore and you may as well Quit before you start or don't start in the first place!

If you do any less than 100 twice a week, then we consider you are no longer taking advantage of the law of large numbers, and you need to go back to what you were doing before you started up in our Business Opportunity, and stop wasting everyone's time pretending that you are really working the business!

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Or just stick with what you are doing, if that's good enough for you and your family!


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