The Story of the Eagle is amazing and we all should be able to relate to this need to change in order to Develop ourselves and to Survive or Thrive

From my own experience I was 46 years old, when I was placed on the scrap heap, having developed my skills to the point, where I had just qualified as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and I was left on the Dole competing with kids as old as my son. I had to go through the painful process of change just like the eagle in its 40th year. Although I didn't have to pluck out my beak or rip out my talons, or even pluck out my aged feathers, I did have to re think how I would make up the difference to my budget that a £10,000 a year drop in Salary caused. It was hard to get started building a home based business around my job, but that is what I did. In order to change you will have to break out of your comfort zone, and work harder on yourself than you have ever worked before. Peter Drucker puts it best as Les Brown so eloquently says. We are in the period of 3 C's Increasing Complexity, Constant Change and Massive Competition. In other words you have to be constantly learning and progressing, just to remain where you are, other wise you go backwards. No longer can you rely on the Job for life, and you need to have a workable backup plan, to protect you and your family, and your future generations. You have to be the person in charge of looking after yourself and your future generations, and you have to show by example how to live a life of true meaning.


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