Why this Business simply works, which is why I call it the Ultimate Business!

The business has been working since 1923, and beyond in one form or another, so if it’s been going for 97 years so far and counting, it’s clear that it works


If you have the mindset that you will persist until...

The only way that YOU can fail is by quitting. Notice it’s not that the business has failed, as the business is still out there, for the next genuine entrepreneur to simply go out and pick it up 

Now this is not like gold mining, or dare I say, even bitcoin :) this is real physical products, going to real physical customers, albeit these days, the actual process can be done both online (remote) and offline through the power of a catalogue.

So if you stop working the business, that does not mean that the business isn’t there, it just means that you have stopped looking for it!

You will never run out of houses to try, unless you stop looking for them.... So with no territories defined at the moment, it means you start off where is most convenient for you, that is from your doorstep and then after just 6 months you home in on where it is most profitable for you - simple!

Here’s the fool proof formula that demonstrates this can’t fail mentality

Best bit is it works for each of the key steps in the System - refer to my YouTube Channel for more on the steps and even the algorthms you need for success!

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Every 4 weeks call it p) regardless 

Set a target called y) let’s say £1,000 of retail sales through a) you putting catalogues into houses to let customers order by selecting products and b)  you then picking up catalogues two days later

Now a) these days can be putting posts into eBay or even Amazon or gumtree Shpock etc as well as social media Facebook gumtree and b) can be arranging payment from customer  and Organising shipment maybe drop ship for example. 

Do some of this activity a) followed by b) measured by numbers of houses visited Within the period p) call it x)

For online the measurement may be number of posts done within the period.

Check your results from the activity a) and b) of measure x) against that target y) call it z) 

If z) is less than the target y) then for the next 4 weeks multiply x) by 2 call it w)

And repeat.... 

Until z > y by at least 20% to allow for out of stocks 

So it’s straight forward algebra...

I will post a graphic, maybe video at some point to explain, it but at the heart of it, is it’s a straightforward feedback loop system, with a positive feedback loop mechanism to get the growth, and switching to a negative feedback loop for stability. There’s lots of examples of these feedback loop systems, so we have not reinvented anything here, simply using them to aid understanding, and explain the reason behind the need to diligently track activity and goal setting.

Anyone shying away from this aspect - needs to reassess their reason why, or just keep doing what they do to keep getting what they get. 

If you’re happy with that, we’re happy for you.

If z < ( y + 20%) then x needs to be multiplied by w for the next cycle until z>= (y + 20%),  at that point keep x constant for at least 2 or 3 periods to check that z is maintained >= (y + 20%) 

In the unlikely event that z drops, it simply is an indicator that you are not yet at customer base level, which normally takes at least 6 or 7 cycles to achieve.

In fact, sometimes you may find that you could actually reduce x, and still maintain the z factor, but resist the temptation, at least until you have carried out the 6 or 7 cycles minimum.

Lazy people, or people that just can’t do algebra, or understand algorithms, will struggle with this - and that’s just the way it is. This is a self regulating system, that quickly ( or in some cases not that quickly ) eradicates the Timewaster, through natural wastage, so team builders in particular, need to be aware of this, it’s a normal part of the process of building to residual income level. 

But those kind of people, maybe just need to find a good simple job, that their boss can explain the algorithm for them, or simply issue instructions / micromanaging them down to basic principles, whilst he pockets the profits, that those that understand this are already picking up for them selves.

Best bit is once you get it, you can help others to get it, and then they contribute to your team turnover, and ultimately residual income, when those that you introduce have smashed maximum volume bonus.

For completeness I thought I would add in the algorithms videos from my Channel, simply because I can!

And purely because I have had so much grief from Google Ads from promoting this particular video through their YouTube Promotions mechanism, here's a sneak preview from what is hopefully going to be released into the world on Monday the 22nd June 2020 - Enjoy!

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