What if there was a self fulfilling prophecy, whereby you simply needed to decide how much you want or need to earn say every week...

Then you simply have to do what’s required to generate that income

You may say surely it depends on the demand for the products

But what if the product range was so broad, that it appeals to the broadest range of people, and statistics showed that the demand is directly proportional to the effort you exert

What if the effort to satisfy the demand reduced as time went on

What if the product range included products that were consumable items that encouraged repeat business and an effective lock into your products due to limited or no competition.

What if the mechanism of distributing the products encouraged a habit into the customers impulse buy mentality akin to the line up of all the Products you didn’t know you wanted as at the checkouts

We are all creatures of habit, so what if we could utilise this habit of shopping, through building our own habits of presenting opportunities to buy in a timescale of our choosing?

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