Loans at 99.9% APR?!?! Even 89.7% APR?!?! from - more like DAFTY to me?!

Crazy or what?

But no doubt with the help of prime time tv advertising, there will be people that are desperate enough for this!

To me it’s unbelievable how people could be so stupid to even contemplate having to pay this level of interest.

Equally no doubt though, that the algorithms for testing for affordability will be ensuring that those considering this are on sufficient income to make the repayments….. at least at the snapshot time of the application!

Maybe those people even passing the algorithms criteria should think twice though….

Rather than racking up more debt covered by the same income, they should rather look at the income side instead, and if they can’t see a way of getting themselves a pay rise from what they are doing now, maybe have a look at what we have on offer!


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