Are you still doing that 45 year plan thing?

There's lots of people so called quietly quitting these days. 

Just doing just enough so they don't get fired - the bare minimum - not volunteering for any extra duties - not putting themselves forward for career progression - not willing to take on extra responsibilities.

Is that you ?

Do you just look forward to Friday and before then so called hump day Wednesday - just wishing your life away - day in day out week in week out year in year out.

Be careful of just burying your head in the sand as times are a changing with automation robotics and AI on the march. No one is safe even lawyers doctors drivers and train drivers even.

You need to be thinking about a secure backup plan that you can start building around what you're doing ready for the day they decide your services are no longer required.

At the end of the day you are just a number on their spreadsheets and they can wipe you right out of their equation when it suits them. Clearly the less redundancy pay they can give you the better for their balance sheet and their performance related bonuses.

Maybe you need to re think what we have on offer?

Or maybe just go back to that head in the sand hoping it will never happen as you're indispensable where you are.

If you are that indispensable guy though then you won't be quietly quitting you will be working all your waking hours doing what your boss should really be doing and what he is probably selling as his own ideas to his boss!

It's a rat race for sure and unless you're in one of those people centric businesses where everyone is respected and looked after, then maybe you need to look around a bit more.

It costs nothing to look and ask questions as long as you are prepared to really listen and think it through.


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