3,200 Jobs cut at Goldman Sach's

After cost review here's even more casualties from the 45 year plan.

Who would have thought that even a leading investment bank business may need to cut costs?

Even here they buy you at wholesale and sell you at retail, as that's where they make their profits.

I remember when I was working in the software industry for a leading cold storage logistics company, they were quite happy paying external contractors at the rate of £500 a day for many years, until the external contractor company suggested they could save a lot of money by employing their own staff (me). Now I know for a fact that my salary was nowhere near £500 a day..... but I was doing the same work as this companies contractors were doing, even then I was only employed until I had successfully updated their system to the latest version of the software. They weren't prepared to give me a reasonable pay increase to keep me. I suspect they then simply went back to paying the £500 a day for more contractors. 

Maybe some vested scratching of backs going on there who knows?


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