Are you still doing that card surfing thing just to survive between paydays?

There are still loads of unbelievable card balance transfer offers out there promising 0% transfer deals for 36 months and the like all just for a small insignificant transfer fee.

Then you get locked in and you start being tempted by the minimum balance payments and simply carry on spending like there's never going to be a day when you will be caught out and have to start thinking about actually paying it all off!

Well tomorrow does come for everyone and sometimes it creeps up on you and when you least expect it, there's the whiff of redundancy or maybe even bankruptcy at the firm that has fed and clothed you and family, kept a roof under your head and the rest.

Then you hit the cliff edge and if you haven't got a credible backup plan .... What then ?

Get your head out of the sand and get yourself going with a backup plan that firstly works around what you currently do, and if the worst happens can be shifted into top gear to fulfill your needs and maybe even goals and dreams you had when you were young.

Why not you?

Why not now ?

Steve Giergiel

Network Coach 


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