The thing today is are you in Control?

If you are working for someone then you are just a number on a spreadsheet, and when they do a what if on their model, they have two ways of increasing profit for their owners and or shareholders.

1. They can increase their sales, and / or product or service offerings

2. They can look at how they can save labour costs, maybe through the use of automation or dare I say the use of A I, or they can just get rid of the workers that are not producing the right level of output

You can guess which one is the simplest, requiring least investment / risk

Having been made redundant over 8 times throughout a long career throughout which I was constantly endeavouring to keep up with my Career Development through Degree, postgraduate qualifications and even  Microsoft Accreditations

I even thought that by gaining professional accreditations in Mechanical Engineering and British Computer Society membership even Management Certifications, I would be least likely to be a casualty, but when the time came I was ust another number on a spreadsheet

You could say that where I went wrong was I failed to keep my network properly built and maintained or maybe I just didn't want to loan out my best lawn mower to the powers that be.

Maybe this is a good way to take back control although this is not necessarily a quick fix


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