Do people really buy from us over Christmas New Year? What did they buy? When did they buy?

Last 28 Days Orders from Regular Customers


  1. just work out how many orders in £ would we have missed out on if we had decided to shutdown between before Christmas and new year

  2. coming soon a list of how much our top 20 customers spend on a regular basis since we started, and you will see their buying frequency, as evidence that the business is all about repeat business, excellent customer service and providing that regular efficient personal service to their door

  3. the best bit is, because we have learnt how to build a solid regular customer base that is basically a money making machine, we can help you build yourself one around your own local area. you know what we are actually looking for thousands and thousands of new distributors, including retailers, team builders, business builders and people like me that is network coaches, interested in building networks of committed, high achievers that want what we want, that is a passive residual income that grows exponentially through helping others to make money and copy what we do.


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