So how frequently do people spend on average and whats an average spend say for top customers?

Just a small example of some of my top customers!


  1. the business is designed like a highly efficient filter if you like, we home in on the people that spend and continue to spend, and we give the best service to those that qualify for our service. it’s simply a self fulfilling prophecy if you like, yes it takes dedication commitment and persistence and perseverance, and it’s not an overnight thing, so it will take between 3 to 6 months to get to your own customer base, as long as you do put in the requisite time and effort of course. but you would expect that I’m sure as anyone that has the true entrepreneurial spirit would appreciate the need for this investment albeit much more sweat equity than financial investment so you don’t need massive up front capital expenditures, but you will need to top up your working capital what we call the ‘fuel’ for your business. but if you were a taxi driver you wouldn’t think twice about filling up your fuel tank when it was getting low, otherwise you won’t get to pickup the fares. same here but our fuel is more in our materials that we distribute, although with the online side there’s not much of that needed for sure.


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