For those that either have already been involved in MLM before or anyone that has read my blog posts / watched the videos - here’s my joining links.

Since there is now lots of info published within this blog, I feel that anyone that takes the time to read through the blog posts and watches the how to videos may actually have enough information to be able to make the decision to just get started straight away, so for those people here’s the joining link for my vivaMK team (UK and Ireland Only) and you must be over 18 to get started.

And here’s the joining link for my Oriflame team (UK and Ireland Only)

Please be aware that you will need to make a nominal investment of £35 to join my vivamknetwork Team and a £39 joining registration fee to join my Oriflame Team respectively.

If you are not willing to make that kind of investment into your own home based business, and thereby qualify for my mentoring, coaching and support, all thrown in, then maybe you need to look elsewhere, for a way to make an extra income, or indeed a life changing residual income, should you choose that option.

The viva MK executive kit is just £35, and includes 50 catalogues of every live catalogue. 

However if you prefer to go for the recommended kit of 200 Catalogues, that is just £25(£20 for a limited time) and means you can go for the 200 twice a week plan, that gets you to £1000 every 4 weeks customer base in 3 to 6 months of persistent, consistent activity.

If they ask for sponsor upline etc please write Steve Giergiel id 200951, and send me a Facebook friend request as soon as you like.

The Oriflame opportunity start up actually is £39, and for that you get a business box with 1 catalogue, along with around £30 of sample products

I sincerely look forward to helping you every step of the way, so please keep in touch as much as you like.
07429 21 21 40

Outside of working hours only please thanks


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