Keep It Short and Simple - KISS principle

Keep it Short and Simple


Complexity makes you think you’re indispensable!!!


Complexity through evolution, spec creep, uncertainty of what is actually needed vs nice to have vs control freak mentality, and fear of breaking what’s working means a maintenance mountain....


A business model that demands you to conform precisely to such exacting guidelines, that the real cost of conforming virtually absorbs most of the profits, and once you are on the treadmill, you are not in a position to break out, as you are committed up to the eyeballs, and instead of the rat race, you have ended up on an infinite hamster wheel, with little or no way to escape, and soon the wheel starts churning faster than you can sustain the pace!


A business model that takes a good solid 6 months of uncomplicated graft that literally anyone can do without an O level, or A level of any kind. Although admittedly it does demand a persistent consistent work ethic second to none. The biggest challenge is with yourself, and your mind that is designed to tell you that you are tired when you are at 40% capacity! However you have no musts, and if you want a break or have to have a break for family or health issues, you can have one, then simply pick up where you left off, and if you have built it properly and solidly, your income will continue to grow without you!

I know which I prefer!

How about you?


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