It’s all in your mind set

I saw an article recently that said you have a 5% chance of making 1 million in the next few years. It's a shame that we don't tell our school kids this shameful statistic. Out of 100 people that turn 65 only 5% will be wealthy 62% will be struggling 28% will be dead the rest will probably pushing trolleys round Tesco's.
Job stands for just over broke.
That's just the way it has to be. For a business to make a profit it has to buy you a wholesale and sell you at retail. If they get that ratio wrong and either overpay you or indeed under pay you then either they're not making enough money from you or you will move on.

If you don't set your own goals they will set them for you.

If you do something that they disagree with for example call the system pathetic.

If someone takes that personally and then accuses you of harassing them and bullying them, and if they have enough clout or close relations with someone at the top, then your job is at risk. This happened to a top earning sales man who headed up our team as coach and mentor and not that long ago. They (the management) are always in control and you just have to suck it up.


  1. If you choose to go on a full two week holiday, sometimes if they work out how to carry on without you, and things seem to even seem better without you. Sad to say you may come back off holiday to be given an unexpected extended unpaid holiday! As they say if you treat life casually you may end up a casualty! This is a real life story. Life can be hard. Make sure you have a suitable backup plan that will take the strain under unexpected circumstances. No one will pay your bills for you, when the pay cheque disappears.


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