Why the early results are not that important !

Let’s say your first blanket drop or tap and tell drop either gets 0 orders or a really small per catalogue dropped figure say 10p per catalogue .....

Since we have a clever nay brilliant filtering system which effectively makes for a superb self fulfilling prophecy you will always end up with the number you are looking for per catalogue 

Let’s say it’s got to be minimum of £3 per catalogue dropped consistently that proves you have hit customer base, but you decide if it’s £3 £2 or even £10

So let’s imagine first time round you blanket drop or post 200 catalogues in one go as we recommend ...

Let’s say you pick up just 1 £10 order the first time you Pickup then when you go back for stragglers try 1 you get another £4 order and then the second straggler run you get two more orders each around £3 each that makes total orders from 200 dropped £20 which is 10p per catalogue 

Now if you were not following the system and the next time you visited that area you simply chose to post 4 catalogues to your customers 

What do you imagine would happen?

Well statistics say from customer base drop 1 in 4 will order around £10 average order so you may get £10 orders from four catalogues which you may say is not much but you’ve only posted 4 catalogues taking about 10 minutes depending on where they were.

That’s already £2.50 per catalogue dropped. And at 35% retail profit £3.50 for 10 minutes to drop 15 minutes to pickup and say 15 minutes to deliver 
So for 40 minutes work you have earned £3.50 which works out at £5.25 per hour...

In reality you wouldn’t do that and instead you would drop to the 200 houses or maybe 180 if 20 decided they didn’t want or disrespected your catalogue etc.. and second time you may get the 1 in 4 or better or worse from customers and you should find more customers 

Then after repeating the filtering process you track the per catalogue figures and when they hit your required figure if less than the recommended 7 visits you can either go to customer base or strengthen it by completing the 7 tries recommended by Avon as long As people are respecting and looking at catalogues etc 

But you decide who qualifies for a catalogue and how many houses you visit - by focusing on the per catalogue figures


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