You will not get rich just working for someone, unless that someone is yourself !

In order for them to make a profit from employing you they have to buy you at wholesale and sell you at retail that's just the way it has to be for them to remain in business.

I relate to this with one of my time limited contracts - not zero hours as that was not relevant or even around then, but they saw the project that I was to be doing basically a conversion from vb6 to or c# with reports in I think to take me around a full 1 year with possible extension as they were clearly worried about redundancy payments etc and wanted the best of both worlds a contractor at bargain basement rates. 

Before they employed me they were paying their main software and services supplier around £500 a day just to maintain and keep their business critical software going moving refrigerated products to and from their cold stores to give just in time deliveries across the country including companies like McDonald's Tesco mccains etc

They employed me for £35k which even before tax is nothing like the £500 per day (I wish!) more like £134.62 although they clearly had all the pension and employers liabilities and associated expenses (I thought even sick days but I see now that's gone virtually)

In fact I would say to get rich you have to own your own business - it's Much better for you to be doing the selling at retail and then buying at wholesale even if you have to pre buy as long as you have a 2 to 3 days turnaround it's like investing £100 say one day and to draw out £125 2 working days later. To me that's a great deal.

Now even a traditional business is not the real answer as there you have the extra trappings and risks and headaches - much better for a network marketing  company to shoulder a lot of these risks to leave you to focus on where the real money is 


Recruitment or Sponsoring 



Basically the real opportunity is in finding Helping and supporting people to make money for themselves through helping and supporting people to make money for themselves. 

No this is not a pyramid as some people think and will tell you so, as they are actually illegal in this country and jail sentences exist to protect the public from that. 

At the business end, We are dealing with real mass market every day consumable products that people love to be delivered with no delivery charge choosing from the comfort of their own home.

Not everyone yet is doing Amazon and people to people is still a preference and will always be so. 
Pound shops even struggle these days so our way is still clear .....

At the people end we are simply looking for individuals like ourselves that have tried or are still trying the job world to cover their bills or 80% of them anyway and instead of using the old credit cards or loans to make up the difference getting deeper and deeper into debt, maybe even credit card surfing from one zero% interest Balance transfer deal to the next. Convincing yourself that eventually you will pay it back through chipping away at it but then just about managing to pay the minimums until .....

Instead of just burying your head in the sand and wishing and hoping that there will still be money at the end of your month, not worry because your money ran out before the end of your month, You start using some of the little pockets of time to grow and build a retail profit followed by a residual income that will continue to grow by itself once you have built it through helping 5 or more people like yourself..

Onwards and upwards forever 


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