Most people think they need a Job! But in reality all they actually need is an income!

We are told go to school, get some qualifications, get a good job and you will be set for life.

These days though and even for the last 40 years plus, jobs are not something designed to make you wealthy, and certainly not something you can always rely on.

What you really need is a way for the money to come in regardless of what you do.

This is also known as a passive or residual income!

For some that’s just their pension plan.

However with all the extensions to retirement age and the massive numbers of baby boomers heading for and already in retirement, even the pension you qualify for will not make you wealthy.

The 45 year plan is broken.

So what can you do about it.

Well I would suggest as quickly as you can start building yourself a passive income in your spare time. If you build it around your current day job, you aren’t risking anything as your job should at least be covering your current bills and loans and credit card payments etc.

If there’s even a shortfall there you can either find a better job by getting more skills or training etc and putting yourself about at work to get the promotion etc, or leave and find more money that way.

Alongside that though start building a residual income say through a home based business that fits flexibly around you and your current commitments both work and family etc.

We are building a network marketing or MLM business around everyday consumable items that people enjoy buying from the comfort of their home and even on line these days through social media etc.

If you want to know more check out the rest of these blog posts and contact me Steve on 07429 212140 out of working hours though as I’m still building this around my busy day job in Software Development Support.

I would love to help anyone that has a similar mindset to mine so call me and lets see what happens.


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