If you think about it we are actually in the business of education!

It’s just unfortunate, that all the way through the last 96 years at least, there has been, and always will be, people that try to scam people, by promising ridiculous things for little or no money down.

You see it all the time, Bitcoin this, email that, just send me the £25 or £50 or just give me your bank details etc 

Because maybe you have tried one or more of these get rich quick scams, and found that in fact $500 doesn’t actually land in your bank, as you sleep overnight! You may then think that even what we have on offer is one of those!

Well you are perfectly entitled to your opinion, however, only if you have genuinely tried our opportunity with the support coaching and mentoring that we provide and actually plugged into the resources that we make available, and actually persisted with it, productively spending the 10 to 15 hours each and every week for a minimum of 3 to 6 months, can you prove to yourself, whether what we show is actually true or not.

The fact that we have real affordable, everyday consumable products, that people love to buy from the comfort of their own homes, and that enjoy having effectively a personal delivery service , should tell you that what we have on offer is actually different from the rest!

What really makes us unique, even from all the other network marketing opportunities out there, is that we don’t have to actively sell our products in the traditional sense of the word. The customer simply selects their chosen products, having predetermined their own monthly or weekly budget limits and places their order without having even to pay up front. They don’t need to post their debit or credit card details anywhere as they pay cash on delivery, making it a risk free enjoyable experience as they get to know personally their own distributor, who may or may not also be a team builder. That’s right, team building is an option with our opportunity, and not everyone has to, or even chooses to team build, or at least maybe not straight away. Some networks appear to put more emphasis on the team building, and less on the customer base building, relying more on regular distributor personal sales commitments! 

Anyway if you would like to learn more, risk free, just call or text me outside of working hours, and we can even do face to face, if the distances are reasonable and if you are genuinely interested.

My name is Steve, and my contact number is 07429 21 21 40 UK, and we currently operate only across UK and Ireland.

No Timewasters please.

Thanks for reading down to here anyway.


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