If you feel that you are not quite suited or even interested in Cold Calling. This is for you!

We have a workaround that actually works!

Since we are at a doorstep either to drop or pickup a catalogue or even performing a delivery, we are not there to carry out a cold call as some canvassers or door to door operatives are!

We have a genuine reason for being at the doorstep, in other words there is absolutely no hard selling involved!

However what we can do is 

Like "Columbo"

as we are about to leave once we have received the catalogue or performed the Delivery

Oh by the way!

Do you happen to know anyone that may be interested in 

building a home based business


making an extra income


do you know someone that maybe has just lost their job

either way please pass on this flyer   if anyone comes to mind!

How simple yet powerful is that!

Thing is its easy to do, however for most people (the 95%) its easier not to do!

That's ok though as we are not looking for the 95% 'ers they can look after themselves!

The big question for you though is, if you currently reside in the United Kingdom or Ireland and are genuinely looking to turn some of your own spare time into spare cash? You now know what to do, and if you have worked through a lot of my posts in this blog, you can call me out of work hours or just register on my website


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