Are you happy with your 45 year Plan, that they sold you on when you left school?

They don't tell you about the cliff edge that everyone working the traditional Job or Career is heading for at retirement age. Whenever that is, as it seems to be a moving goal post as they keep shuffling it along.

It used to be simple - 60 for women and 65 for men, but these days, it’s anyone's guess what the numbers are for any person.

Is there a formula somewhere?

Anyway as you can see, everyone on the 45 year plan, leaves school and then works their way up their chosen career path, and then the rate of growth tends to flatten out.

In fact if you are like me, there may be a few drops to zero along the way, as you lose your job to redundancy, re structuring etc ( 7 for me so far ! Can you beat that ? )

The graph on the right shows what’s possible, if you choose to build a home based business that revolves around finding customers for real every day consumable products, and finding like minded individuals like me, to help make extra cash.

The curve starts off gradually, until you get to a certain level, where whatever you do you can’t stop the exponential growth, as you help people to copy what you do. As long as what you do, is actually worth copying of course.

Contact me Steve on 0771 901 6746 (UK and Ireland only right now) for more info on what we do around my full time job.


  1. The 45 yr plan or any career plan requires all things to stay unchanged which is never possible. Alternatives always need to be considered.

  2. Thanks for your comment Alice please let me know if you need any more info on the alternative or at the moment supplement to our day job. Simply register on for more details if you are genuinely interested. Thanks


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